Brett Campbell is one of Australia’s top fitness professionals and now a business coach to entrepreneurs looking to design a business around their life and not a life around their business. Brett’s Mission is to help over 100 million people design, develop and deliver their passion and expertise to the world so they can make more money, help more people, and ultimately live a lifestyle of their design.

Brett Campbell runs the 10X Achievement Academy which is designed to turn everyday individuals into the most elite, highest performing versions of themselves, by teaching the most cutting edge high performance and self-mastery strategies in the world.

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“If at your core you know your ‘why’, nothing else matters” Brett Campbell

“I don’t believe everyone fits the same pair of undies.”  Brett Campbell (I couldn’t resist Brett.  That’s a classic!)

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Brett Campbell’s Website:

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His Favorite  Books:

The E-Myth by Michael Gerber

How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Influence by Robert Cialdini

Brett’s Favourite thing to do when he’s not working:

Playing golf and chilling out.

Brett’s Mentors:

Joe Polish and Jason Urbanowicz

Cats? Dogs? Other?


His favourite comedians:

Russel Brand and Jimmy Fallon


Brett’s 10X Daily Planning Method

Other Guests We Mentioned In This Episode:

Josh Felber and becoming relentless in all you do.

Alex Charfen and the Entrepreneurial Personality Type

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