Today I’m on the phone with one of my favourite people, direct response marketing legend Brian Kurtz of

Brian Kurtz has been a serial direct marketer for almost 35 years and never met a medium he didn’t like…and while he’s had much success, he also must admit that trying to sell subscriptions and books on the back of ATM receipts and under yogurt lids was only “a good idea at the time…”

Brian left his beloved Boardroom Inc in February of 2015, where he was responsible for the mailing of close to 2 billion pieces of direct mail in his career (and he did NOT lick every stamp!); and he was also responsible for the distribution of millions of other impressions and promotions in a wide variety of alternate media, both offline and online, using the most innovative direct marketing techniques while working with the most legendary copywriters and consultants who have ever lived.

Under Brian’s marketing leadership and during his tenure, Boardroom’s revenues went from approximately $5 million (in 1981) to a high of over $150 million (in 2006). Brian was instrumental in building Boardroom’s print and electronic newsletters, including Bottom Line/Personal, Bottom Line/Health, Bottom Line Secrets and Daily Health News, which totaled close to 2 million subscribers upon his departure. And he was also responsible for selling tens of millions of books, mostly in the categories of health and finance, for consumers.

His mission for the next 35 years (as the Founder of “Titans Marketing LLC”), is to be the bridge between the eternal truths of direct response marketing and all that is considered state-of-the-art direct response marketing today. In September of 2014, to kick off that mission, Brian hosted what has been called the event of the decade: “Titans of Direct Response.” “Titans” brought together the greatest minds in direct response marketing from the last 50 years…both as speakers and attendees. Information on the epic conference is at Titans Mastermind and Titans Master Classes will be the next big steps in that mission as “The Bridge.” He plans to continue this tradition of bringing the best marketers together regularly to exchange ideas openly in his role as “the bridge.

He launched “Titans Mastermind” in September of 2015 with over 20 leading direct response marketers, entrepreneurs and business leaders. The mission for Titans Mastermind is to be the one place, “where the top minds in direct response marketing connect and grow their businesses together”. In the spring of 2016, he will launch his first “Titans Master Class” which will reach out to the next group of up and coming marketers for intense two day workshops. Brian writes and speaks regularly; recent content can be found at

He also consults with leading direct marketing companies and entrepreneurs in a wide variety of categories. In the not-to-distant future, he plans to write books and create courses for marketers and copywriters But truth be told, Brian is really just a Little League Baseball Umpire and does this direct marketing stuff on the side…his ultimate goal is to umpire in the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA while he is still upright…and he hopes it happens soon…

Brian Kurtz Quotes:

“Follow the anecdotal evidence” Brian Kurtz

“Stealing is a felony; stealing smart is an art” Brian Kurtz

“If you are the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” Brian Kurtz

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Show Notes:

Brian Kurtz laid out some gems today.  In this podcast you’ll learn…

  • why the same rules of direct response apply whether you are a big business or a local one.
  • how to differentiate yourself and go from being a commodity to a specialty.
  • why you don’t have to wait to start to tell your story.
  • the one bit of advice Dan Sullivan gave Brian that shifted his mindset as he moved from the corporate world to his life as an entrepreneur.
  • how to focus on contribution and not on “networking”.
  • how Marty Edelston gave Brian the push to stay in marketing when he just wanted to be a writer and an editor.
  • why it’s so important to be in an environment where you can share your ideas even though they may not be implemented.
  • and much more…

When he’s not changing the world with direct response marketing he’s…

Umpiring little league baseball and hopes to one day umpire the Little League World Series

Mentors that Brian Kurtz looks up to:

Marty Edelston

Gary Bencivenga

Dick Benson

Gordon Grossman

Lee Epstein

Dave Florence


Roy Furr – Copywriter

Will Hamilton –

Susan Garrett – Dog Trainer

Dan Sullivan and Strategic Coach

Alex Charfen at

Phil Randazzo at

Babs Smith – Dan Sullivan’s wife and the CEO at


Watch Brian Kurtz on YouTube: Brian was the Keynote address at the American Writers and Artists Inc event in Delray Beach, FL.


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