Chris Kennedy is the man.  A twenty year Navy aviator and elementary school principle, Chris found himself in Virginia Beach wondering if he was going to continue to be in the military and ended up unemployed.  But while online searching the internet for opportunities he realized that he had a story in his head but talked himself out of paper.  But one night while waiting for his wife to cook dinner he stepped in his office and started to write his very first book.  (Much to his wife’s shock and amazement).

His first book, Red Tide started to sell on Amazon within minutes.  And in a few short hours Chris had made his first money on Amazon and was now on the path to a very successful book launch.


“Science fiction with a side of fantasy” Chris Kennedy

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Show Notes:

Chris Kennedy laid out some gems today.  Listen as he reveals how…

  • how not seeing himself as an author actually gave Chris the ability to become an author.
  • how the power of “no” made Chris say “yes”
  • why not having an agent freed Chris to becoming a successful in a way he never expected.
  • how the “who am I” bug bit Chris and he was able to shake it off and click “Save and Publish”  The rest is history.
  • why fear and self-doubt hinders everyone and how Chris overcame it despite the constant pressure.
  • why Amazon can become your best marketing partner and how to get there.
  • why Chris teaches other authors now to become best sellers themselves.
  • and much more… 

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Listen today as Jonathan speaks with Chris Kennedy

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