Today I’m digging in with Josh Long of 90 Day Double dot com. Josh has been helping business owners unlock sustainable growth since 2008 when he worked with Chet Holmes to help launch his consulting agency. He quickly became the marketing director of Business Breakthroughs International with Chet and Tony Robbins, and has since worked with other thought leaders like Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Perry Marshall, and Siimon Reynolds.



“In the small business world, management and systems are severely undervalued” – Josh Long quotes.

“Proactive = Assets.  Reactive = A salary” Josh Long quotes

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Josh Long Websites:

Josh’s Favorite  Books:

The Sticking Point Solution – Jay Abraham

Blue Ocean Strategy – Kim & Mauborgne

Untethered Soul – Michael Singer

Turning Pro – Steve Pressfield

Superconnect – Richard Koch

His Favourite thing to do when she’s not working:

Josh loves riding his motorcycle and playing sports of all kinds.  He also loves introducing his kids to new experiences.

His Mentors:

Derek Naylor

Jack Born –

Cats? Dogs? Other?


His favourite comedian:

Jim Gaffigan

Bill Burr

Louis C.K.


Chet Holmes: Helping companies grow faster, better, stronger.

Tony Robbins: The motivational guru to motivational gurus.

Inner Metrics: Innermetrix provides independent business consultants with world-class training and the most accurate assessment tools in the World

Kolbe Index: To help people understand their own and each other’s instinctive strengths and use that understanding to improve their lives in the ways they care about most.

Myers Briggs

Frank Kern

Loral Langmeier: Money Expert

Other Guests We Mentioned In This Episode:

Alex Charfen and The Entrepreneurial Personality Type

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