Welcome to The Business Called You PodcastOwen Garratt sits proudly in the one percent of top income earners for artists.  No longer a “starving artist” he teaches other artists and entrepreneurs how to do what they love so the money will follow.  My favourite topic!


“People love to buy.  They hate to be sold.” – Owen Garratt

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Show Notes:

Owen Garratt laid out some gems today.  In this podcast you’ll learn…

  • how the death of Owen’s mom when he was thirteen turned him from art to music.
  • how one of Owen’s first jobs was actually selling art.
  • how the one thing that Owen learned about how people buy art turned Owen into a sales machine and earned him a boatload of money.
  • how Owen thinks through the “Artist’s Lament” and the real lessons artists can learn by watching shows like American Idol and The Voice.
  • the process Owen uses to come up with his next art piece that guarantees that he’s going to make some money and not be the starving artist.
  • how Owen’s experience on Canada’s Greatest Know It All was one of his most fulfilling experiences in his life.
  • what scares Owen every day.




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Listen today as Jonathan speaks with Owen Garratt of www.PencilNeck.com

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