Steve Sims came from the side of the tracks that wanted to live on the other side of the tracks.  A third generation construction worker Steve would watch the guys in suits walking to the financial district and think, “Thats where I want to be.  Where the whisky is cold and the secretaries are all hot.”  Thats when the magical roller coaster that is Steve Sims began its fantastic ride.

Steve has a great story.  One to inspire everyone.  He’s a guy that just leans into it and it has taken him to the highest level of luxury concierge offerings.  Want to be at that really cool after party?  Ask Steve?  Want to play tennis with the Pope? Steve can make that happen.  Want to kiss Maria Sherapova?  Steve can probably make that happen (Or, wait…maybe it was the other way around.)

Either way, have a listen as I interrogate Steve Sims on what it takes to be him while he sips on a Japanese Whisky delivered to him by his lovely wife.  (My wife was sleeping at the time of this interview.  I just have a water)  Cheers!


“If there is no passion there is NO point!” Steve Sims

Connect With Steve Sims:

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Steve Sims Websites:

His Favorite  Books:

Anything by Dr. Seuss

Delivering Happiness by Tony Hseih

His Favourite thing to do when he’s not working:

…spending quality time with his wife :), riding his Ducati, drinking really good whisky, BBQ’ing, doing some MMA or kickboxing…and he does most of this WHILE he is working!

His Mentors:

Steve will learn from anyone he can.  From the doorman at the hotel to business icons.  He’ll learn from them all.

Cats? Dogs? Other?

Dogs of course!

His favourite comedian:

(I think Steve is his own comedian, really.)

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Listen today as Jonathan speaks with Steve Sims

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