What Our Guests Have To Say

You’re a solid interviewer. You got me telling secrets about Carrot Top and Ed McMan. Controversial stuff for anyone over 40.

Kevin Rogers

Copy God, www.CopyChief.com

Jonathan, out of all of the interviews I’ve done, this was one of my absolute favourites. It was a ton of fun.  Thanks!

Justin Klosky

Organizational Expert, The OCD Experience

Hey, Jon! I just got to listen to this again, and I really, really appreciate it. You are a great interviewer, and made me sound much smarter than I am! Loved talking with you, man.

Chip Franks

Head Joe, www.JoeVolunteer.com

You are a great podcaster.

James Shramko

CEO, www.SuperFastBusiness.com

Totally stoked to be on your podcast today.  My goal was to be your best podcast guest ever!  I know your listeners are going to learn a ton so thanks for having me!

Keith Yackey

Living an Amped Life, www.TheAmpedLife.com

I was invited to be on a great podcast to talk about what we’re doing at Birth.world. Jonathan Edwards, you rock. Your passion is so obvious, and I’m happy I’m part of it.

Margaux Khoury

Chief Babymaker, www.Birth.world

Thank you so much Jonathan it was a real privilege and a pleasure!

Mindy Mackenzie

Ceo of Jim Beam and Author of The Courage Solution

It was an honour to be on the call with you today.  A ton of fun.

Josh Felber

CEO, www.JoshFelber.com

Jonathan it was my pleasure.  I love what a student you are, and therefore, being a student you are the best teacher as well.  Thank you.

Brian Kurtz

Teacher of Direct Response, www.BrianKurtz.me

Carew Papritz Post Header

Carew Papritz and TheLegacyLetters.com

This was one of my most favourite interviews to date. An epic two hour interview with an inspirational author/cowboy. Carew Paprtiz took the time necessary to write his book, his way, in the amount of time needed to write it. Which was a long time. Now he’s reaping the benefits of investing the time, energy and effort he put into The Legacy Letters.

With early success as a writer Carew always knew he had a book in him. Today, I talk to him and reveal all of the ups and downs and bumps in the road (and rails) as he went from concept to completion. An inspiration for everyone who has ever wanted to write that book that affects thousands. Carew lays it all out in this epic interview. Enjoy!

John Rusin Post Header

Dr. John Rusin is rewriting the world of fitness.

I've been around a lot of fit bodies in my life.  I, myself, was once rather fit. The mistake most people make, however, is when they see someone who has great abs and nice abs and assumes those people know what the hell they are doing and could possibly teach that to...
Sheri Fink Post Header

Sheri Fink – Raising Self-Esteem In Kids Through Her Best Selling Books

The easy question to ask Sheri Fink is “What’s up with your hair?” But the more complex questions are what I asked Sheri on today’s call.

Kevin Rogers Post Header

Kevin Rogers – From Comedian To Copywriter

I’m always inspired by comedians. But I’m even more intrigued by comedians who transition out of comedy into something else other than a job that demands excellence in the line, “do you want fries with that?”.

Steve Maxwell – True Wisdom From the Fitness Nomad

A fitness classicist, Steve lives what he preaches, traveling full-time with a single backpack and presenting seminars in Strength and Conditioning, Movement Fundamentals, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Kettlebell, Joint Mobility and Corrective Programs. He was named one of the...

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