I’m always inspired by comedians like Kevin Rogers.  But I’m even more intrigued by comedians who transition out of comedy into something else other than a job that demands excellence in the line, “do you want fries with that?”. Kevin Rogers is one of those guys.

Learning the art of copywriting has to be one of the most important life skills that everyone should learn.  They should teach it in school.  But not like Mrs. Chapin in fifth grade would teach.  Like Kevin Rogers would teach it.  Listen to some fast gems today from Mr. Kevin Rogers.

Kevin Rogers Quotes:

“Nobody Writes Alone” – Kevin Rogers

Connect With Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers on Facebook

Kevin’s Website:

To learn more about Kevin Rogers check out: www.copychief.com

Kevin’s Favourite Comedian:

George Carlin

Bill Hicks

Chris Rock

When he’s not changing the world with his copywriting he’s…

Traveling and go to concerts with his wife and kids.

Mentors that Kevin Rogers looks up to:

John Carlton at www.john-carlton.com

Books and Resources

Resonate by Nancy Duarte

Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark

The Kolbe Index for personality identification at www.Kolbe.com

Watch Kevin Rogers on YouTube:

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Listen today as Jonathan speaks with Kevin Rogers


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