Dr. Connie Hebert is a game changer when it comes to helping kids learn how to read, write, and become appreciative to the world around them.  In today’s epic interview Dr. Connie and I dive deep into how to help parents, kids, and their educators .

For over 35 years, Dr. Connie Hebert has motivated, educated, and caught teachable minutes with kids, parents, and teachers in lots of ways, around the world. She demonstrates HOW to creatively turn cell phones and tablets into TEACHING tools. She shares simple and easy tips for raising SMART and APPRECIATIVE kids with audiences around the world. She teaches educators and reading specialists how to catch falling readers, writers, and thinkers, before it’s too late…

Dr. Connie Hebert Interview Quotes:

“The will is more important than the skill when it comes to scaling a wall” – Dr. Robert Schuler

Learn More About Dr. Connie Hebert:

Her best seller The Teachable Minute: http://www.theteachableminute.com/

Her website: www.ConnieHebert.com

Connect With Dr. Connie Hebert:

Dr. Connie Hebert on Twitter

Dr. Connie Hebert on Facebook

Dr. Connie Hebert on LinkedIn

People we Mentioned In This Interview

Steven Covey – The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Ray Kurzweil – The Age Of Spiritual Machines: When computers exceed human intelligence.

Peter Diamandis – www.Diamandis.com

You’ve Got Mail – Movie with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan

J. Samuels – Repeated Reading PDF 

Peter M Senge – The Fifth Discipline

 When she’s not changing the world how to read and write she’s…

Going to go for a nice walk.

Mentors that Connie looks up to:

Dr. Stephen Covey www.stephencovey.com

Amrit Yoga Institute www.amrityoga.org

Is Dr. Connie Hebert a Dog or a Cat Person?


Connie Hebert Has a Favourite Comedian And It Is:

Lucille Ball

Books and Resources

First Things First by Stephen Covey

Tough Minded Faith for Tender Hearted People by Dr. Robert Schuller

The Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman

The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge

The Go Giver by Bob Burg

David McCauley’s – The Way Things Work

Watch Dr. Connie Hebert on YouTube:

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