Kerry Heaps believes in the power of the pageant.  Beauty pageant that is.  An early life exposed to the rigors of modelling taught Kerry how to be gracious in public and how to get your brand out there into the world of marketing and business.  Now with a number of successful companies of her own, Kerry creates powerful marketing personas for her clients.

Kerry Heaps Interview Quotes:

“We have intuition for a reason. If something is going on in your life or business that doesn’t feel right, you need to trust that feeling. The times in my life that I have ignored that, I’ve paid for it dearly on many levels. ”

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People we Mentioned In This Interview

Ali Brown

Dan Sullivan – Strategic Coach

When she’s not changing the world how to read and write she’s…

Exercising and meditating and volunteering at the Humane Society when she can.

Mentors that Kerry looks up to:

Marsha Doll Modeling Expert

Is Kerry Heaps a Dog or a Cat Person?


Kerry Heaps Has a Favourite Comedian And It Is:

Larry The Cable Guy

Books and Resources

ZOHO Customer Relationship Management System for follow up of sales leads and actions.

You may be excused! – Alicia Nicole Waters!

The Money Book – Joseph D’Agnese

Big Social Mobile – David F. Giannetto

11 Life Coaching Lessons – Hunter Goff

You’re Broke Because You Want To Be – Larry Winget

Anything else by Larry Winget

Tania Gabrielle – Wealth Astro Numerologist


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