On an LAX runway, Michelle Norris was waiting to depart the inaugural Ancestral Health Symposium and head back to their hometown of Austin, Texas, Michelle wondered aloud how in the world she and Keith would be able to distill all that they’d absorbed into usable parcels for the everyday clients they worked with. Then and there, the seeds for the Paleo f(x)™ event were planted.

Michelle was then, and is now, the driving force behind the Paleo f(x)™ enterprise. To say she is passionate about this movement is a major understatement.

She lives and breathes Paleo f(x)™, and she is adamant about bringing Paleo — the diet, the lifestyle and the community engagement — to the masses.

Never underestimate a determined woman with a dream to change the world. And with Michelle at the helm, Paleo f(x)™ is poised to do just that.

Additionally, she is a Founding Partner & Vice Presidential Director of ID Life Wellness, a new health & wellness company that will revolutionize the industry.

Michelle Norris was a self taught, lifelong gourmand and is now a trained Chef, with a love for coaching others in the finer points of achieving true kitchen mojo.

A burning desire to rewrite food policy on a national level as a “credentialed” food crusader has her currently pursuing a certification in nutrition.

By creating new, innovative and gastronomic-delight Paleo versions of avant garde gourmet foods, Michelle wins-over even hardened skeptics to the idea that one need not sacrifice love of fabulous tasting food en-route to achieving — and maintaining — true Ancestral Wellness.

As her food philosophy — “Variety, flavors & herbs are the spices of life” — suggests, she experiments continually with an incredible home collection of exotic spices, herbs, vinegars and oils to create an ever-expanding repertoire of amazing dishes.

Michelle is the Executive Chef, owner and founder of Instinct Catering & Events, a major sponsor of Paleo f(x)™.

Michelle Norris Interview Quotes:

“No matter your path in life, live it intentionally.” – Michelle Norris

“Inside every “ordinary” person is someone ExtraOrdinary waiting for you to set them free.” – Michelle Norris

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People We Mentioned In This Episode

Dan Sullivan and Strategic Coach

Dave Asprey of BulletProof

Rhonda Patrick

Margaux Khoury of Birth.world

Darren Hardy of Success Magazine

Michelle Norris loves her: Missfit Shine Fitness Tracker

Enquos.com the first comprehensive system to track all of that fitness data you’re generating.

 When she’s not changing the world with Paleo she’s…

“I’m always working but I love to spend time with friends and family, doing anything. Playing card games is my fav.”

Mentors that Michelle Norris looks up to:

Her husband Keith Norris www.ancestralmomentum.com

Logan Stout www.loganstout.com

John C Maxwell www.johnmaxwell.com

Is Michelle Norris a Dog or a Cat Person?


Michelle Norris Has a Favourite Comedian And It Is:

Jimmy Fallon

Books and Resources

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

Entrepreneur Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy

Stout Advice by Logan Stout

Intentional Living by John C. Maxwell

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