Keith Yackey has been a Pastor.  He’s dated porn stars.  (No…really…I can’t make that shit up.)  He’s created a multi-million dollar empire and promised himself that when he could, he’d share the principles that made it ALL possible (even the dating the porn star thing) available to as many people as possible.  He’s got a purpose.  And a passion.  And you’re going to hear it all on today’s episode of The Business Called You Podcast.

Keith Yackey Interview Quotes:

In the midst of trying times, most of us don’t have the foresight to tap into the hindsight that reveals why we are going through it.

Joy is the satisfaction you experience when making progress toward your potential.

Be the type of person that others would want next to them if they were trapped in an ikea all alone for 6 hours. The kind who would jump on all the beds and have a wicked awesome fort up in no time.

Our greatest treasures are right beside us if we would only treasure them.

Everyone has potential, few go after it. Be the few. The proud ones who dare to chase that potential. Who will strive to meet the responsibility laid upon them for no other reason than it beats in their chests that they have to.

Live your own story, don’t just watch it go by.

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 When he’s not Amplifying peoples lives he’s…

“playing with my kids, reading, or watching a movie, playing guitar, working out. and mostly I love and feel most alive when hanging with close friends.”

Mentors that Keith looks up to:


Brendon Burchard and Gary Vaynerchuk

Is Keith Yackey a Dog or a Cat Person?

He dislikes them both evenly.

Keith Yackey’s Favourite Comedian:


Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, Jim Jefferies, Dane Cook and tons of no name people that we saw live as I went to the comedy Improv once a week for a long time.

Books and Resources

Keith says, “I love The Charge by Brendon Burchard but books are like Oxygen to me. I read a book or two a week most weeks and I don’t remember all the authors. I use books to stir thoughts in me and so honestly I can’t remember what I like most but I love them all :)”

Big shout out to Josh Felber at for putting me in touch with Keith for this epic interview.

Brendon Burchard at (seriously?  How did he get that domain name?)

Dan Sullivan of

Elon Musk.  Cofounder of PayPal and creator of Tesla Motors

Gary Vaynerchuk author of Crush It and

Sean Stephenson of and

Steve Sims of The Bluefish Concierge and

Genius Network

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Listen today as Jonathan speaks with Keith Yackey

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