This was one of my most favourite interviews to date.  An epic two hour interview with an inspirational author/cowboy.  Carew Paprtiz took the time necessary to write his book, his way, in the amount of time needed to write it.  Which was a long time.  Now he’s reaping the benefits of investing the time, energy and effort he put into The Legacy Letters.

With early success as a writer Carew always knew he had a book in him.  Today, I talk to him and reveal all of the ups and downs and bumps in the road (and rails) as he went from concept to completion. An inspiration for everyone who has ever wanted to write that book that affects thousands. Carew lays it all out in this epic interview.  Enjoy!

Carew Papritz Interview Quotes:

“I love to begin at ‘no'” – Carew Papritz

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When he’s not changing the world with his writing he’s…

Skiing, hiking, sailing, traveling, horseback riding, playing soccer, football, croquet, basketball and EVERYTHING outdoors with my wife and son.

Mentors that Carew Papritz looks up to:

His parents.  And his Editor Russ Tremayne

Is Carew Papritz a Dog or a Cat Person?


Carew Papritz’s Favourite Comedian:

Groucho Marx

Books and Resources

For Whom the Bell Tolls–Ernest Hemingway

The Grapes of Wrath–Steinbeck

Proverbs–The Bible

Any Charles Dickens book.

100 Years of Solitude–Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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