James Schramko of SuperFastBusiness.com can help you grow your business on the internet faster than you’ve ever thought possible.

James Shramko built a multi-million dollar online business while working a $300,000 corporate job working for one of the most established luxury brands in the world.


“Question everything.” – James Schramko

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Show Notes:

James Schramko laid out some gems today.  In this podcast you’ll learn…

2:30 – how James’ upbringing in Australia gave him the foundation to build a business based on trust and integrity and not hypey sales strategies.
5:00 how his years in a corporate environment working with an established luxury brand
7:00 the AMG 507 C603 that James was sitting in to do this interview.  The sound quality was amazing!
9:20 James lays out just how he was feeling, and the stress he was under, while working a heavy-stress corporate position and building his second business online.
21:30 The angst and the agony that helped James create his resource at www.SuperFastBusiness.com
25:15 The difference between the UK, Australia and North American market and how the tolerance for “hype” differs in each.
27:35 What James would be doing if he wasn’t working in the online world today.
31:30 How James has made the shift from chasing money to chasing life by stripping away the constraints and shackles that most businesses will create.
44:30 James talks about how he doesn’t regret any of the time lost working on his business while raising his kids. 
47:30 James lays out the questions people should really be asking when looking to create success in their own lives.


The mastermind at www.SuperFastBusiness.com

James’ Silver Circle Mastermind for people who have established businesses and want to take them to the next level: Silver Circle

Books or Authors James Shramko Recommends:

Books by Jay Abraham

Books by Peter Drucker

Books by Peter Thiel

James Shramko’s Answer to Dogs, Cats or other?

His answer? “Surfboards.”

James Shramko’s Favourite Comic?

His answer: “Ricky Gervais

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Listen today as Jonathan speaks with James Schramko of www.SuperFastBusiness.com

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