Jeff Moore is affectionately known as the sled.  Large enough to slide loaded pallets across a warehouse floor he’s also large enough to lead future entrepreneurs.  As the founder of Thursday Night Boardroom Jeff is leading a group of like minded entrepreneurs who want to go big.


“Windshield University is probably the best university you can be enrolled in.”  Jeff Moore –

“When we can articulate the needs, desires, fears and aspirations of the other person, not better than they can to you, but better than they can to themselves, we’ve now passed a tipping point on becoming this person’s trusted advisor for life.” Jeff Moore – Thursday Night Boardroom

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Jeff’s Websites: Jeff’s direct-to-consumer program that’s scaling at a huge rate. Jeff’s parent company that he has owned with his family since 1998.


  • How was a bad idea.
  • how to create a group of customers who seem like they are also your best friends at the same time.
  • How reading upside-down was a cool sales tactic that he learned from his dad.
  • How being overweight and strong as a child helped him turn his attention to others and make it all about them.
  • The one bullet point that built Jeff’s bartending business when he was just in his twenties.
  • How a call from Mrs. Cleaver (Barbara Billingsly) helped shape Jeff’s thoughts on what his ultimate career in business would be.
  • Why the cultural due diligence you do when buying an existing business is almost equally as important as the financial due diligence.
  • How an introduction from Joe Polish to JJ Virgin led into a brand new opportunity Jeff would have never been exposed to.Why Jeff treats B2B like “school” and B2C is “Recess”.
  • why a casual comment from a supplier is actually Jeff’s biggest business pet-peeve.
  • the three questions every business owner must understand that their clients are asking themselves and how to fill the answers to those questions.
  • how talking to yourself in the third person is hard, and a little weird.  Unless you’re Jimmy from Seinfeld
  • the worst thing you can say about a restaurant.
  • how having a genuine interest in people has been one of Jeff’s biggest strategic talents.
  • why Jeff’s wife Doreen is his biggest inspiration.

Key time point

31:45 Jeff lays out the number one frustration in the human race and how you can solve it and be your customers most trusted advisor.


Simple Writing System by John Carlton

JJ Virgin of the Sugar Impact Diet 

Dan Sullivan and Strategic Coach 

Myers Briggs Personality Profiles  

The Kolbe A profile is incredibly powerful to learn who you are 


Books We Recommend

Harvey Mackays books.  Most notably How To Swim With The Sharks and Not Get Eaten Alive

The Mackay 66 PDF of the sixty-six questions every salesman should know about their clients. Grab it here.

Dunbars Law and how there is a limit to the number of people we can truly connect and keep in contact with. 

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