I came across Justin Klosky’s book, Organize and Create Discipline in the wrong section of a local bookstore.  It was misplaced but it caught my eye and you can hear that story in the beginning of this interview.  He’s an amazing guy who has persevered and done a lot of amazing things right while never giving in to, what can be, a terrible affliction.

Justin Klosky is an amazing story of how a young boy who suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder AND ADHD grew into a successful actor and a successful business owner turning his early childhood affliction into an organizational advantage.

Justin Klosky Quotes:

“Never get so busy that you don’t forget to design a life”

“If there is something in your life that you are too scared to be dealing with, that means you should be dealing with it!” – Justin Klosky

Connect With Justin Klosky

Justin’s website The OCD Experience
ustin on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OCDEXP/
ustin Klosky on Twitter
heck Justin’s Pinterest Boards
Get organized with The OCD Experience YouTube Channel
e’s got an awesome Instagram page as well.
Check out Justin on Dr. Oz at the bottom of this post.

Resources We Talked About In This Episode

A great app for organization http://www.goodiegoodieapp.com/

Success coach Bob Proctor

Justin attended New York University   

Justin was an actor in the soap opera Guiding Light  

Justin’s book Organize and Create Discipline

The CEO of RAB Lighting Ross Barna


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