“All the marketing tactics in the world won’t help you unless you have a strategy for those marketing tactics” – Kyle Battis at www.nhstrategicmarketing.com

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Kyle on Twitter: @kylebattis

Kyle Battis Websites:

Kyle’s marketing firm www.NHStrategicMarketing.com

Show Notes:

Kyle Battis laid out some gems today.  In this podcast you’ll learn…

  • how businesses ask the wrong question when it comes to setting the strategy for their business.
  • how Kyle realized that taping ankles and helping athletes was really not the lifestyle he wanted when he ran into a friend who did the same thing and looked…dead.
  • how having gone to school with a top internet marketer, and knowing who he was when he was young, led Kyle to believe that if his friend could do it then he could do it to.
  • how businesses get over “lifestyle” creep and get into the correct mindset to really “get” marketing.
  • why living simply is sometimes the best way to live.
  • how powerlifting has helped inspire Kyle to embrace the ‘kaizen” principle in his life.
  • why Kyle really loves the sound of his alarm in the morning. (weird!!)
  • and much more!


Tellman Knudson and great hypnosis resources.

Tom Venuto and Burn The Fat  www.BurnTheFatInnerCircle.com

John Berardi and Precision Nutrition

Keith Cunningham, the “Dad” from Rich Dad Poor Dad fame.


PipeDrive.com for sales and CRM tracking.


Watch Kyle Battis on YouTube

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Listen today as Jonathan speaks with Kyle Battis of NHStrategicMarketing.com

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