Today I’m on the phone with one of my favourite people, Liz Benny of

Welcome to The Business Called You PodcastLiz shares her journey from humble beginnings to top of the internet world all launched from the country of New Zealand which is smaller than the entire island of Manhattan.  Proving that anyone can make big things happen from even the smallest of beginnings.


“Doing the things that other people are unwilling to do is where we really break through!” Liz Benny quotes.

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Show Notes:

Liz Benny laid out some gems today.  In this podcast you’ll learn…

  • how planting seeds with her Dad gave Liz the motivation to leave school and head out on her own only to have her end up back in University a few years later.
  • how one month in the Corporate World was enough for Liz to realize she wasn’t being the full authentic version of herself.
  • what work situation was making Liz physically ill and gave her the motivation to make solid business changes in her life.
  • how the “numbers game” of internet marketing put Liz into
  • how marketing fatigue led to a relationship with Russell Brunson which helped launch the latest vision for
  • how hitting rock bottom helped Liz find the vision and the voice to reach higher and find the tools to become the best version of herself.
  • how Liz used the power of social media to affect change with the largest internet service provided in New Zealand.
  • how to use Social Media in a way that it doesn’t dilute your message.
  • and much more!


RusselBrunson and his business mentorship program. to check to see how your domain name choice will fit across all social media platforms.

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Listen today as Jonathan speaks with Liz Benny of

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