Nate Barr grew his company by staying true to his roots and not believing in the hype around “startups”.

From a successful Kickstarter campaign Nate Barr was able to launch his idea for PocketMonkey, a TSA approved multi-tool that fits in your wallet.  I got mine as a stocking stuffer from my mom!

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“Think.  Don’t follow.”  Nate Barr

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Find Nate Barr on Twitter: @n8barr

Nate Barr’s Websites:

Check out  Home of the Pocket Monkey

Show Notes:

Nate Barr laid out some gems today. Have a listen and learn…

  • how following the traditional path that most Startups take leads to frustration.
  • why taking his product to was a fast and easy way to justify his product idea and give him instant momentum.
  • how staying true to their roots and not jumping at Home Depot has created a sustainable company that continues to grow.
  • why most shows like Shark Tank promote the wrong goals for most small entrepreneurs.
  • how keeping production in the USA has allowed Nate to have a continuous flow of ideas that wouldn’t otherwise happen if production was in China.
  • how past failures gave Nate the tools to navigate the waters that have taken them to 17 employees.
  • why paying hourly and keeping work time to manageable levels allows their team to have fun and stay motivated
  • and much more…


The Coolest Cooler on Kickstarter:  Check it out here

Books or Authors Nate Recommends:

The Art of the Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything

Nates’ Answer to Dogs, Cats or other?

Nate’s too busy for pets!

Nate’s Favourite Comic?

His answer: “John Stewart

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