Nick Nanton is the CEO of the Dicks + Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency, and international branding and media agency with more than 2200 clients in 33 countries.


“A brand is simply a story, and branding is just story telling.” Nick Nanton

“Branding without direct response is suicide.  Direct response without building your brand is just foolish.”  Dan Kennedy
“Everybody wants to know what’s bigger, what’s better, and what’s next.”  Nick Nanton

Show Notes:

In this podcast interview Nick will reveal:

  • Why the general public has no clue between you and what you do and others who do the same thing.
  • The Business Trifecta:  The powerful mix of media, marketing and PR and how to maximize them in your business.
  • Why everything media related is manufactured and where the checks are getting stroked.
  • how Nick gets clients started and how he breaks things down to what people know and how they are different from others who do the same thing.
  • why a good journalist who understands business is what you really need to get your story out of you and into the marketplace.
  • why press releases are really third party testimonials you get to write yourself.
  • how $7500-$35,000 can turn someone into a celebrity ASAP.
  • how he found the true story behind a personal injury lawyer and was able to turn him into a powerful brand of “second chances”.
  • and much more…

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