Welcome to The Business Called You PodcastRobin Farmanfarmaian is bringing the future of medicine to the masses…today.  Her recent book, The Patient as CEO is here to educate both patients and their caregivers to empower them to become the CEO of their own health.

I knew Robin as a teenager and our friends called us the absentees.  I was absent because I was chasing my Olympic dream.  Robin was absent because she was sick.  She had been hospitalized 43 times and had six major surgeries.  Oh yeah…along the way she had three organs removed.  Incorrectly.

Her frustration with the medical system has led her to become an expert in her own health.  Something she recommends everyone should be doing.  She empowers the patient in a medical system that can be anything but empowering but that is also incredibly exciting.  She is a friend and a rockstar and I know you are going to love this interview.


“The future is already here.  It is not yet evenly distributed.”  

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Nick Soloway.  Robin’s dad.

Ray Kurzweil

Google’s Company website.

Larry Page of Google

Sebastian Thrun

James Canton: author of Future Smart

Chris Anderson the Editor of Wired

Steven Kotler: Author of The Rise of Superman and Abundance

Theranos.com:  The future of laboratory testing.


Robin’s book:  The Patient as CEO


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Listen today as Jonathan speaks with Robin Farmanfarmaian of www.RobinFF.com

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